Someone just walked off with your laptop.

But not your sensitive data. You use UltraSentry.

Your laptop is gone. But your data doesn't have to be.

50% of lost laptops

More than 50% of lost laptops results in data breach.

40% of corporate data

More than 40% of corporate data now resides exclusively on laptops, mobile devices and in cloud services.

25% of data breaches

25% of data breaches are the result of abuse by malicious insiders.

Where are we losing laptops?

As an IT pro, you know it's a wild and unsafe world out there. And data loss can be expensive.

It is now estimated that $49,250 is the total cost of one lost laptop. But where are they lost?

  • 43% offsite
  • 33% in transit
  • 12% workplace
  • 12% unknown

UltraSentry protects your desktop, too.

No security solution is complete without file protection. UltraSentry compliments your anti-virus by locking and encrypting your data and most sensitive files and folders for maximum protection, and then securely deleting any old or unwanted data so that it is physically and forensically unrecoverable.

Digital safety and identity theft are serious risks for anyone or any company using a computer to store data.

66% of all employees

About 66% of employees use unsanctioned file sharing.

Convenience has a downside.

We love cloud storage. And effortlessly sharing files across the wire is so convenient. But in our quest to easily access our data, we resort to activities that leave data unprotected and at risk. With so many potential points of breach, how do we protect ourselves?

This is where UltraSentry comes in.

UltraSentry protects.

UltraSentry makes it easy to lock, encrypt and securely destroy sensitive files with the same standards the U.S. Department of Defense does.

Your files are encrypted with YOUR password, meaning only YOU can retrieve that data. Store your important, sensitive files anywhere you'd like to. But don't forget to protect them with UltraSentry first.

Digital LockerSecurely encrypt any file or folder.

Lock/encrypt files on an individual basis with unique passwords for portability or sharing with others

Drop CenterA convenient auto-hiding fly-out menu on your desktop.

File ShredderSecurely delete files and folders so that they are forensically unrecoverable.

Browser filesClean browser histories, cookies, and temporary internet files instantly.

Highly configurableDeletion methods, file locations and more.

WindowsCompatible with Windows Vista and higher.

NEW user interfaceSimplified interface and cleaning profile builder.

System integrationWindows Explorer integration and more.

Drop Center.

UltraSentry's Drop Center is always ready to fly in at your service. In just a couple seconds, UltraSentry's power is at your disposal.

Cryptography is tough – it's the stuff that doctoral dissertations are made of. But UltraSentry's Drop Center makes secure encryption and file destruction a simple task.

Your data. Your password. You're protected.

Quite simply, UltraSentry is your personal file encryption and destruction tool. Without it, data loss is costly and potentially frightening. With UltraSentry, you can encrypt your data with your own password, making it completely useless for anyone who gets their hands on it.

So, what do you do if someone walks off with your laptop?

Got UltraSentry? You just relax.